Brightastone is a leading service company in stone cleaning and restoration. We specialize in stone floor cleaning, maintaining, restoring, and polishing marble, terrazzo , slate, travertine and other natural stone surfaces.

Ongoing restoration training classes as well as customer mock-ups have allowed Virgin stone to gain a broad experience in the care of natural stone. We are also committed to the educating of our clients in the proper care and maintenance of their marble or natural stone floor or surface.

Whether you are looking for stone floor cleaning, marble cleaning , terrazzo cleaning, grout restoring , travertine or marble polishing Brightestone not only can restore your surface to the factory stage but also repair unwanted flaws of fabrication , remove stains, cracks ,mold or rust staines. Once the restoration process is complete, your stone tile surface is returned to their original beautiful condition and sealed to preserve the look for a long time.

Our services include:

  • slate cleaning and sealing
  • marble cleaning, polishing, marble restoration
  • stain removal
  • travertine cleaning and polishing to a mirror finish
  • yorkstone cleaning and sealing
  • limestone cleaning and sealing, stain removal
  • grout cleaning and restore
  • stone floor surface different finishes -polished or honed, on different grades
  • watermarks removal
  • colour enhancers for a stronger colour

Areas we cover

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