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We promise the best stone cleaning and restoration service you had ever seen or it s free, and we had never had to work for free.

Besides the impeccable service you receive from the Brightestone team ,  the good things keep coming from all sides:

  • improved techniques - we are always up to date with the newest machinery , processes and the market trend to achieve an excellent stone surface  in a clean , efficient way.
  • 100% natural products, low odor and most of the times water based,nature sourced  products which keeps your indoors toxins free to a molecular level.
  • Our estimates are on site, always free and come with a sample area witch we oblige to match and exceed.
  • The site is well prepared and completely isolated before commencing the work, the furniture is carefully moved out of the way, and all the surroundings are being protected with a special film to keep accidents under control.

You are one call away from having again a great stone surface in you home.

Contact us for advice or estimates on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , via contact form , online chat or simply call 02074334474. 

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